Athlete Pro Junior

Discover the world of sports achievements with our innovative app.

We offer a unique opportunity to turn your baby into a true champion, providing access to the best individual development plans, including training, nutrition and psychological development under the supervision of the best specialists.

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The main advantages

In the modern world, it is difficult to engage in the full development of a child, especially if there is a professional sports load. Trainers, nutritionists, psychologists are required, and it is very difficult to put together a comprehensive program. One of the ways to achieve the goal of comprehensive athlete development is our application.

  • list

    The training methodology

    is the author's training methodology from the stars of world hockey.

  • rocket

    Сomprehensive development plan

    The comprehensive development plan program takes into account the individual needs of the child, depending on age

  • time

    24/7 monitoring and support Specialists

    in the chat will consult and help with motivation, and the Smart AI assistant is always ready to solve technical issues.

  • heart

    Monitoring of health indicators

    is one annual medical examination and all specialists on the same platform.

  • people

    A community of like-minded people

    and a competitive spirit will keep you interested and give you even more motivation.


Athlete Pro Junior

is designed specifically for development children from 7 to 18 years old who are professionally engaged in sports or are just planning to start professional classes. It will help young athletes improve their results, develop the necessary knowledge and skills, as well as learn how to lead a healthy lifestyle.

«Athlete Pro Junior» will become an indispensable assistant for children who strive for success in sports, and will help build a long-term sports career while maintaining their health!

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The philosophy of success

The uniqueness of the application We not only help athletes improve their skills, achieve goals, but also instill the philosophy of a conceptual and competent integrated approach to their health and professional career.

Since childhood, we have been laying down the skills of self-love, caring for the body, teaching to take care of mental health, thus helping to preserve the unity and integrity of all systems.

  • goal

    All in one place

    Only in our application you will find: professional training, nutrition plans, psychological development, consultations with the right specialists, as well as a full-fledged medical examination.

  • troll

    Build a career

    Our comprehensive approach allows you to maintain your health for a long time and provides full-fledged development so that everyone can build a successful and long-term professional career.

  • heart

    Health indicators

    It is important not only to draw up a development program and follow it, but also to keep track of health indicators in time. This is especially true for a growing body during the period of physical exertion.

Additional features in the app

  • people


    A community of like-minded people who support you in achieving your goals.

  • run

    Activity tracker

    If you want to do even more, explore our activity tracker. He will tell you exactly what kind of load is right for you - walking, running, jumping or exercising.

  • rang


    Follow the plan and get a rating every week, become the most successful and prizes are waiting for you.

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app Athlete Pro Junior

Develop, improve, achieve success!

We have developed a mobile application that contains everything you need for your beginner or professional athlete. Artificial intelligence will help in data processing and control of results. The author's methodology and specialists in one place will make your success long-term. We will create an individual development plan for athletes, we guarantee the result.
Dedicated user support line!

  • team

    For teams

    Hockey, football teams and associations

  • business

    For business

    We customize the application for your school or team.

  • people

    For parents

    We monitor the implementation of the development plan and send reports.

  • children

    For children

    The best development programs from hockey stars, psychology and nutrition.


We offer a  variety of rates so that everyone can find the perfect option for themselves. Choose a suitable plan, and  start moving towards your sports goals! Make your sports journey exciting with our app, start now!

  • Personal

    CAD 50 monthly

  • License

    CAD 120 monthly

  • Custom License Pro

    CAD 3 588 per year

  • Сustomization

    CAD 100 monthly

  • Automatic Update Service

    CAD 300 per year

  • Advertisemen

    500 one integration



A strong team + innovative technologies + a great desire to change the world = your success with us!

  • Natalia Ilchenko

    Natalia Ilchenko


  • Nikolai Semin

    Nikolai Semin

    The author of the sports program, the head coach

  • Leona Kasterman

    Leona Kasterman


  • Leonid Berezikov

    Leonid Berezikov

    Marketing Director

  • Gleb Cononov

    Gleb Cononov

    Technical Director

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